#Going Yoko

by RACHEL POWELL May 20, 2015

Hi guys! It's playtime! :) So, here's the thing, I've decided to start a Yoko gallery. Not made of bricks or anything, just a nice little collection of customer photos of Yoko in your homes. I thought it would be nice to start growing the Yoko community, across social media as well as here on my website. I'm hoping that enough people take part so that I can have a Yoko gallery, because let's face it, there's no point in a great big gallery with just one picture on the wall is there!?  For me, it's a bit like being 5 and hoping you have enough friends to come to your party, so that your parents let you have it in the local leisure centre. What can I say, I was an 80's child. 

Past experience shows me that my customers sometimes need a bit of encouragement to come out of their shells, I'm the same, not only that, I'm a Cancerian, I LOVE my shell! But I also love my home, and I know that my customers and I have that in common, it's nice being surrounded by things you love and it also tells people who a bit about you. So here's the encouragement bit .... Every single person that enters will get a Yoko tote bag and badge sent to them! 


There are different ways of taking part, on Instagram you can post your photos and tag them with #goingyoko and @racheljpowell, if you have a private account I can't see them but you can email them to me. You can of course simply email them to me or you can post them on my Facebook page. It can be of any Yoko product purchased from me or any of my stockists, worldwide. 

Any questions, feel free to get in touch. I hope to see lots of photos, because I know one thing - there's alot of Yoko out there! Have Fun!




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